Brinkley Books

Everyone around here knows that our shops in the wine country are well loved.  But they don't compare to how loved our amazing shop dog, Abby was.  She was so popular that our customers would come in just to say hi to her and give her a scratch.  So, it was no big surprise when one of our favorite customers and fellow Bernese Mountain Dog lover, Laura Johnson, wrote a book that included not only our shop but Abby as well.  Sadly, we recently lost Abby to cancer, but her spirit lives on in these two books in which she is in.  The main character, Brinkley, is a regular in our stores.  Amazingly illustrated, these children's books teach us about friendship and the joy of sharing.  We are so lucky to have Abby remembered in them, and it is a joy to be able to sell them to our customers. 

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